Aglert, Katja. Winter Event-antifreeze

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In 2009, the Swedish artist Katja Aglert embarked on an artistic residency research trip to the Arctic. This became the starting point for her project 'Winter Event - antifreeze'. Five years on it has, using repetition and reiteration as its main artistic methods, turned into a complex multi-branched structure, of which this book forms a part and constitutes the finale. The project proposes a different narrative of the Arctic, dissects clichés of romanticism and mysticism related to this context, and deconstructs heroism and so-called discoveries from a norm-critical perspective. The book is the result of a collaboration between Aglert and the curator Stefanie Hessler and includes documentary images by the artist, reference material from a variety of other resources, an extensive introductory essay by Hessler, as well as specially commissioned texts by renowned theorists Lisa Bloom and Sabeth Buchmann.